take me back

this may make me sound like i'm a pre-teen. i recognize that. and today, i'm okay with it.

i am so pleased.

i just made the perfect playlist for my mood. i am so happy how it completes the perfect feeling for this morning. it consists specifically of older songs that i used to listen to on repeat. at one point in my life (early college?) they made me really happy. and then new music took over and i just didn't really listen a whole lot again because i tend to saturate myself with my current favorite bands since there's just so much good music.

hearing old songs is like greeting close friends again after you haven't seen them in a long time.
you never realize how much you've missed them til you're with them again.

i listened to the first 4 songs consecutively and now i'm listening to the rest on shuffle.

if you'd like to listen:

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