my birfday!

Yesterday was the big 2-0. (20 years old, that is. It's not some game score of 2 to 0...never mind). I don't have lots of time to post (in fact, if possible I have negative time to post) but I wanted to make note of the amazingness of yesterday. So I will list briefly:

*I came home from school to find beautiful yellow and purple flowers in my room the night before my birthday! They were the start to a great birthday.
*After midnight, Joseph (as in Josweph) and I got my first drink as a 20-year old: horchata. At a place in Lindon, called W****rs. The reason I can't type where it is? Because we spent a whole night last week questing to find Orange Bang (it's whipped!) and found it here. So I'm not just going to give away where it is...go on your own quest.
*Woke up. my super sweet roommate Steph had written, "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear kristin, happy birthday to you!" on my mirror.
*My other adorable roommate Marvi made me banana pancakes, chocolate milk, and a little fruit cup thingy for breakfast! (she, too, understands that no meal is complete without chocolate milk)
*At school, my dance class sang happy birthday to me. Horrible sounding, but welcome nonetheless.
*My friend Ammon totally gave me loverly yellow flowers (accented with red...it matched my outfit!) and banana bread! mmm, the tasty goodness.
*Friend Matthew gave me a fabulous birthday CD full of happy songs that I've always wanted. Apparently he has been meticulously note-taking; every time I say "Ooh! Ooh! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!" (which happens more frequently than most people would think), he would go write it down. Needless to say, my iPod is much more "me" now. Also, he got me a sweEEet scrapbook thang with a few of my favorite pictures from around the Tree.
*Adam "Awesome" Bangerter joined our lunch bunch and that pretty much made it a party.
******skip ahead********
*Took my Comms quiz. Did decently.
*The long-awaited event of watching Brian Regan (the Reganmeister!) with Kevin Lambert, with whom I work. Because Kevin is professionally funny along with his rooommate, there was much rejoicing and laughter with the three of them (including Brian Regan) there.
*My amazing roommates Stephanie, Linsey, and Marvi took me to The Pizza Factory! Along with Linsey's boyfriend Corbin and Steph's friend John. It was a good time...I tried to take a picture of all of us. Many attempts later, our food came and i filled up promptly. And Linsey gave me guitar picks and a harmonica!!! Oh. My. Amazing. I'm stoked.
*Come back to the apartment to find out that my room has been completely thrashed...by love! Jess and Diana had come and did a fabulous job. There were streamers, balloons, and candy strewn all over the floor. My favorite part was the fabulous sticky notes all over! (I love sticky notes!) They were "Top 20 memories and things we love about Kristin!" The post-its were all inside jokes, good memories, and just random adorable sayings from my random adorable friends.
*Par-TAY! With my fabulous friends there! Completed by a huge birthday poster made by Matthew, a diagram of my DNA as seen by my friends, especially Corey, a giant birthday cake crown crafted by Rhett, and my mom coming :)
*Impromptu dance party
*Fabulous time jamming on guitars with Diana, with ukulele accompaniment by Rhett
*Random little concert that Tricia and I performed atop a rock outside my apt (complete with an audience of Ryan on the balcony, Diana listening through the window, Austin and Miriam coming in formal outfits, and the random stranger named Adam who requested me to play my guitar)
*I ended the night with a marker fight. I definitely won...until Joseph took my camera hostage, the ransom being a French mustache drawn on my face by his hand. The weapon? Pink Crayola marker.

"Briefly". ha ha.


Matthew said...

Bifday of Kwistin was amazing

joe said...

Your birthday was pretty much that cool.... one problem though. We need to see some art on here!
patiently waiting,
joseph slinker

Jonathan said...

man. I like your taste in layouts. I have decided that you need to post more. this also means that I need to post more. I'll work on that. you work on that. I'll also work on my complex run on sentences.

Jess said...

hummm...I like that story...probably because I'm in it. haha jk.