The Hall is a place that aims to please...

On Thursday, September 20, 2007, my friend Jeff took me to the Guster concert at the Venue in SLC. I love Guster, however, upon returning to Provo after the concert, Jeff was a bigger fan of the opening band. After several months of intense contemplation and repeated listenings of their stuff, I couldn't help but follow suit.

The band? Tally Hall.

You should read Jeff's blog about the first concert; it's a pretty good summary: check it out. The band, new to us at the time, was refreshing, fun, and altogether radical. Especially when the lead singer forgot the words to the rap in the song we now know as "The Ruler of Everything", and kicked himself out of the band right there, hopped off stage and started to saunter through the audience.

Anyway, we were fortunate enough to see them again in concert on Friday, March 7, 2008 at a much closer venue: Velour. Jeff almost died from excitement, and I did too. Our friends Stephen and Allison, who met them the first time with us, were present again. The concert was fabulous, and my favorite part was when Rob, one of the lead singers, asked us politely to cooperate and make a space in the middle of the floor, then to sit down. To my pure blissful joy, the space opened up right in front of me...and I didn't budge. So, the members of Tally Hall came and plopped themselves down, right in front of us! So close that Rob sat on my foot. I was so proud. They proceeded to sing two songs there, "Be Born" and "Who Loves the Sun". I recorded "Be Born".

Between their superb harmonies and Joe's supreme whistling capabilities, I was a happy girl. To top it off, they returned to the stage and ended their show with "Free Bird"...one of the most amazing guitar/drum solos EVER. Absolutely amazing. I especially liked Ross' face as he drummed: he looked so happy and his hair was flying everywhere.

So...Saturday, May 23, 2008 rolls around, and guess who's in town...again. Provo got seconds! Adam McBride and I met Jeff, Murph, Cheryl, and their friends there for Jeff and my THIRD Tally Hall experience. I personally liked the 2nd show best, but would never regret this one. Jeff took careful note of their order of songs and texted it to me:

1-Welcome to Tally Hall
4-Taken for a Ride
5-Good Day
6-Just Apathy
7-Banana Man
8-Spring and a Storm
10-Ruler of Everything
11-Two Wuv
12-Blinded by the Light
(they also played The Bidding, but I'm not sure where)

They didn't come down to the audience this time, which was fine, because there weren't as many people with school being out and such. We had a fabulous view, though, basically we weaseled our way to all fit on what would be equivalent to the second-ish row had we been sitting (which, of course, we weren't).

After the show, they came out and we talked to Rob (yellow tie). I felt bad because we kind of monopolized him a bit and then did the same to Joe (red tie). But all the same, I loved talking with them because they're simply cool guys. Like, if they weren't in a band and we just happened to go to the same school or something, I'd like to be friends with them, just because they are that chill.

Okay, I could go on about Tally Hall, but, alas, Statistics 221 is calling my name. So last thing: I want to tell the picture story. Here goes.

Concert #1: We wanted to get a picture with Rob, so we did. Jeff, Allison, Stephen and I. It was grand.

Concert #2: I went up to Rob and said, "Hi! My name is Kristin and we met 6 months ago when you were touring with Guster. This is a picture of us!" After examining the picture, comprehension dawned and he said, "Yeah! I remember you guys! That was a great picture, Let's do it again!" However, since Stephan didn't hang around long enough for the picture, Rob wrote, "STEPHEN" on his hand, and held it up in his place. Zubin (blue tie) also joined our picture. *FLASH* went the camera.

Concert #3: Immediately upon his coming out after the concert's end, Jeff and I showed him both the previous pictures. We all knew what must be done. We got in place, however, Jeff and I were the only two of the original fans still left, as Stephen has moved home for the summer and Allison's currently in Europe. So, Rob wrote on his hand again ("Is it okay if he's 'Stevo' this time?") and told me that maybe Allison is more of a "fist" type person. So I made a fist and he wrote "Alli" on my knuckles (the name which, by the way, still resides on my knuckles 3 days later)

We were debating on the spelling, since we usually call her Allison, and so he also added an extra "e" on the side of my hand (just in case) and Zubin added two little slanted lines on top of the "i" just in case it should have been a "y". Oh, the good times. We all got in position, adding Ross to the picture as well, and history has now been made. Or...updated.

Ten reasons I like Tally Hall so much?
1-Clean, creative music: My mom even likes them!
2-Musicianship: they are incredibly musically talented--amazingly tight harmonies--which sounds silly considering they're a band, but it's shocking how many artists are out there these days with not a lick of real talent.
3-Variety: with some of their songs, if you were to randomly listen to two or three different parts of the song, chances are you might just think it's a couple different songs. Then they have totally crazy songs, then super chill songs.
4-Uniform: they don't need retro sequin jackets or skinny pants to be cool. They have their own style, and it has become their trademark.
5-They share: Their shows aren't monopolized by just one band member. They all have little spotlights and recognize everyone as a part of the whole (or, the Hall).
6-The guys: SO personable. I love just talking to them--they are so chill, and don't stick themselves up on a pedestal. They are just normal guys who happen to travel everywhere and do what they love, and do it well.
7-Bongos, xylophones, and other various percussion instruments (the names of which still elude me)
8-Their frequent use of a megaphone.
9-Whiteboy rap? Heck yes. And whistling solos.
10-They like to kick it at the university, but all work and no play makes them crazy, so...they jump in the bumpin SUV.

Honestly, who could argue with that?


The Taylors said...

how to you have free time for all these fun events...when you should be studying STATS! haha

Matthew said...

I have been waiting for 2 months for this blog. And it is everything I expected it to be. WOW...

Murphy said...

Kristin, thank you for introducing me to Tally Hall.










That was amazing, and definitely a concert well-worth the position of last before my mission. If they're coming around in two years, get me tickets OK??

BTW, good documenting of the concert!