Adventures in a Mexican Orphanage: Day 4

Day 4: Sunday, June 29
on the beach for the last time, pretty early in the morning

The next morning, we headed out.

Here's a picture of me and the gals, and another of me and Dave, as disheartened artists because we never did manage to correctly tune the tiny guitars we gave to the orphans.

One of my favorite parts of driving back was as we were driving around a very bendy road. Trees and little homes were silhouetted against the mucky morning gray sky. As we were rounding a bend, all the sudden, it was like a light in the sky just flipped on, along with the hidden beauty of the morning sky. The sun emerged with as much radiance as it could muster on that tired, Sunday morning and it was beautiful.

We only got lost once on the way back, but found an "Adam's Street" which, we felt, made it worth it.

All in all, Kaiizen rocks. Mexico Rocks. So do orphans. And when you take Pikachu to Mexico in the spirit of super heroism and service, who knows what will happen.

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Laura said...

Phew! What an epic adventure! I'm glad you finally fanaggled Blogger into posting for you. It's way more fun to read your commentary with the picture than it is just to see them alone (though that was pretty fun too).

May you have many more such adventures in the future! (Possibly in Ghana?? :. oooh)
haha, see you Monday!