ABBA Tribute Band: Arrival!

So my mom called me the other day: "Hi, honey. Who's Abba?" I responded that they were a band from the 70's/80's. She said, "Oh, well I wound up with tickets to their concert. Want to come with me?" Would I ever!

It was actually a tribute band, but was awesome. Before it started, the American flag was presented and so were the theme songs to each of the military divisions (Army, Marines, Air Force, etc) and on cue with each song, someone would march out carrying the flag to that specific division. I love old guys in uniform. When they were all lined up, the older gent who had been announcing each one said, "My that's pretty music...but it's getting really long!" So the music dimmed and stopped, almost bashfully. Everyone laughed, and we were off to a good start.

The singer before the band came out was good, and sang "I Will Survive", and "Respect". She told us all to get up and dance, but being a bit shy at the beginning, not many did. Those who did, though, were golden. Two old guys got up and started dancing together, busting moves all over the place, which rocked just about everyone's socks. Another notable daredevil was about 45 yrs old, and he was just rocking non-stop with sweet disco moves.

Arrival did a fabulous job of covering ABBA's stuff. Like ABBA, they were from Sweden, and it was such a good time, for various reasons:

1-Good repertoire, including "Does Your Mother Know", "Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)", "SOS", "Fernando", "Voulez-Vous", "Money Money Money", "Knowing Me Knowing You", "One Man, One Woman", "Winner Takes It All", "Chiquitita", "Mama Mia", "Waterloo" and "Take A Chance On Me".

2-During "One Man, One Woman", they said that they were performing this so they could see us kiss and hug each other...and as the song crooned on, an older couple got up a few seats away from me and started dancing! I...WILL...be like that...when I'm part of an "old couple" someday. I hope.

3-During one of the songs (Fernando maybe?) The now-dark ampitheater was full of cell phone lights and I added mine to the sea of waving phones. I beckoned my mom to join me, and, after a moment, said, "okay!" and, grabbing her phone, did the best cell phone light wave I've ever seen. Waved it like a princess. I loved it!

4-I had seen two of my friends there, and during Mama Mia, I rand down and danced with Jade, with whom I work and love to pieces, and her awesome friend Aubrey, and company. Needless to say, we went crazy. SO fun!

5-After "Mama Mia", I came back to mom, and convinced her to dance as well...good timing as the next song was "Take A Chance On Me". It was so great. She and I should be on a dance team...no, really. :)

4-As they finished up, they still hadn't done Dancing Queen, and my mom was terribly distressed by this. I told her they'd probably do it as part of their encore, but she suggested we yell "DANCING QUEEN!" so we did. Oh, the good times. For an encore, they did "Summer Night City", "Thank You For The Music", and--finally--"Dancing Queen". We ALL danced to that. (What are YOUR favorite ABBA songs? I wanna know, people. Let's post it.)

5-Costumes of the band were 100% authentic, and sweet. Gold go-go boots: +87 points to the gals. I'd totally wear them. (Pictures WILL come...check back)

6-Guest star: the same guy (older now) who performed with ABBA performed with this group tonight, with the same sweet Gibson guitar that he used back in the day!

So, thank you to Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Anni-Frid. Yay for Abba.

It was a good time. And can I just say how cool my mom is?

So cool.


--jeff * said...

you know my favorite song! and while i didn't see it listed there, i know they played it and there was much dancing. warm fuzzies all around.

kwistin said...

Oh, my! I will remedy that, Jeff. However, I think that the reason it didn't get listed was because I was texting a friend at the time that the song was playing... ;) Thus, I forgot to put it onto my list of songs played. And there was much rejoicing in the land.

Jess said...

um...I love ABBA! you're mom is the bomb!

Jess said...

oh yeah, and I just posted the last comment and the letters were TTFN. ta ta for now! It reminded me of Tigger from Pooh. haha. ...just thought you would like to know.

Becca said...

I love ABBA music! I have seen the broadway musical 5 times, twice in Utah once in Denver and two more on broadway! Dancing Queen in my nickname in my family!