Adventures In a Mexican Orphanage: Day 1

On Sunday, I returned from one of the greatest trips ever. I was a volunteer with the Kaiizen Organization. It's completely volunteer run, and they take trips to Mexico to help orphanages. It was a great, though very short, experience. We drove down the first day, served for two days, and drove back the fourth day. So here's the first of the travel (b)log:

Day 1: Thursday, June 26

Wal-Mart, 4:47am

We all assembled. From the Utah chapter, there were a fair amount of us. Adam McBride and his car, Pikachu, were my traveling buddies. We met the two other gals who would be riding with us: two sisters Chelsea and Katey Jones. We came, we got free t-shirts and drivers packets, and we departed. Our car conversation throughout the entire trip was fabulous: ranging from topics of family, goals, school, life, super powers....

After we got past the border, the pivotal turnoff t
hat our group needed to take was completely closed off. We lost two cars in traffic, both inexperienced in the ways of Kaiizen, so we wandered around for a WHILE...but the scenery was great! I got a migraine, but Katey, Chelsea and Adam were super nice and very patient with me. I got over the worst of it right before the infamous Taco Stand visit! SO tasty.

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