garage fame

the best thing EVER just happened.

i'm sitting here on the computer, trying to figure boring school-esque things out, and my mom is outside in the garage. the door connecting our house to our garage is open. i hear little footsteps approach her, and luckily heard the conversation. it made me so happy that i went straight to blogspot to record it (i know...i had a discussion earlier today with tim gustafson about the supreme but proud geekyness it is to have something awesome happen and automatically think, "i'm gonna blog about that!").

this is how it went:
little girl #1: "excuse me, excuse me! the other day, we heard someone playing the guitar in your garage, and she was SOOOO good!"
mom: [chuckling] "yeah, that was my daughter. she likes to play the guitar and sing."
little girl #1: "she is so great! we came up and pressed our ears up to the garage door so we could listen. we knocked on the door and wanted to know who it was. my sister asked, 'is that a famous person in there?' and i was like, 'no famous people live in utah!' "
little girl #2: [interjection] "yeah they do!"
little girl #1: "my sister plays the guitar and sings, and she's pretty good."
mom: "well, i'll tell my daughter that you liked her music!"
the event to which they were referring happened about a week ago when i needed some jam time in the garage. indeed, it was just about the cutest thing ever, to see two small shadows creep up against the door, pressing ears intently against it. if they did like my music, i wanted to create something akin to santa clause for them...something that might excite them and get their imaginations going, but somewhat elusive, so i never did make myself known to my little audience. i actually wanted to get a picture of their silhouettes, but my camera was nowhere to be found, and unfortunately there are no spare cameras in the garage.

i am reminded of "the incredibles", when robert parr asks the little tricycle kid what he's waiting for, to the response of, "i dunno...something amazing, i guess!"

though i'm not amazing, i'm extremely happy and feel very privileged to have sparked the excitement of these two little girls.

can i just say that from the praise of these little...6? 7?-year olds, i can't stop smiling?


--jeff * said...

that is a pretty awesome story.

i hope you now have an emergency camera in the garage!

Whitney said...

so cool!

joe said...

Sweet picture! Make the previews bigger so we can marvel on the page itself and then marvel again on the zoom in. We nee more Kristin!

kwistin said...

jeff: awesome. i will attempt to remedy that. ;)

whit~ thanks!

joseph, i made this picture HUGE, just for you. thanks; your comment made me smile. i'll start making them bigger. :)

Zachary said...

You are famous! I want to jam with a famous person sometime. Maybe that could be with you. :)