phones are funny things

This evening, upon walking from my humanities class in the JFSB to my Anatomy for Artists class in the H-Fac (about a 4-minute walk), I had a funny incident occur.

I needed to make a couple calls before my class started.

However, as I was got out my phone, I noticed that EVERY single person I passed was talking on a cell phone! I looked around, and realized that the vast majority of people were on their phones, in their own little wireless worlds, and it seemed as though no one was enjoying the sunset, cool breeze, or each stranger they passed.

For some reason, this was entertaining to me and I started to smile as my brows creased together in amusement. Stubbornly, my hand flipped MY phone back closed and I was determined that I wouldn't make the phone call...just to see if I could make contact with another person with simply a smile. And, because I refused to be caught as a victim to this merciless 2x4 inch electronic master I now clenched in my hand, as everyone else was doing. To no avail, though...all those I passed were engaged in conversation with an unseen companion as they walked along, via a little Verizon, Cricket, or AT&T box in their hand.

Two minutes later, my resolve fading, I shook my head and chuckled to myself, again flipping out my phone. After it started to dial, I looked up, just in time to glimpse a person passing me--a completely phoneless person--and then another right after him!

I couldn't say hi, though, because the recipient of my call answered and I started to talk. I did, however, feel a smile creep onto the corners of my mouth in irony.


--jeff * said...

way to be awesome.

(although, if you text, then you can look at the sunset while your thumb does the talking....)

and congrats on being at the top of the list for 17 hours ; )

Kaylie said...

'Tis a funny world we live in. I can totally relate. And I can totally see the amused expression on your face because I've seen it before. I love it!

Laura said...

oh ho! well that makes me feel a little better about not answering my phone when you called. A little. I acutally don't think I've ever answered my phone when you've called.
heh heh. oops. Sorry about that. I promise it's not on purpose! I'm just phon-o-phobic. So it's always on vibrate and thus, never heard. I got the message though! And I hope you had a lovely time in Anatomy. I suppose you were learning about the neck?

Oh! And good luck with the Ghana application! Is it in now?

kwistin said...

Thanks, Jeff...I was proud of those 17 hours. Kaylie, that makes me happy you could see that face of mine in your mind :) Laura...thanks for the experience; it was you I was trying to call.