The Bottom Line: The Advent Conspiracy

I found this on Laura's blog, who found it on Kelli's blog (remember her? the awesome photographer in my Kaiizen group who took pictures of those Ghanaian orphans) and I'm passing it on because I found it totally and completely inspiring.

Please take two minutes and watch it.

The Advent Conspiracy Promo Video from theadvance on Vimeo.

Merry Christmas, folks. Really. Christmas. Think about it.


Matthew said...

That was amazing. I wish every American could see that video.

joe said...

Word. Thats why I want to be rich.

Laura said...

You don't need to be rich to make a difference.

Kristin - Sorry! I'm glad you took the initiative and just posted. I hadn't charged my phone for nearly a week so I only got your message today!
But yes, this is an excellent and inspiring video. Glad you agree. :)

--jeff * said...

i dig.
i seriously dig.

Brandon Burrup said...

I totally think that people should use Christmas as a time to spend with families rather than just to buy useless gifts and I have nothing against giving to charity but I don't think the statistics they use are entirely realistic. That would be awesome if they are and we could get that done though. The only real problem I have with this is that I have a hard time believing that there really isn't 1 billion dollars of charity money available from other sources to "solve world water problems". I mean we don't necessarily have to give up Christmas gifting in order to give money to charity and make a difference. The truth of the matter is there are millions of things we could do all year long to make a difference.

I don't think I'm missing the point of the video I just think we shouldn't narrow things down to "if everyone doesn't buy Christmas gifts next year we'll save 6 billion African babies" or whatever. We should be doing that anyway, Christmas or not. And hey I'll be the first to say that I could definitely be spending less money on myself to help others.

kwistin said...

I still think it's amazing because it simply made me think. I don't think they were asking us to give up Christmas gifting; I think they were reminding us of why we do, or why we should. And it made me reflect on what kinds of gifts I give to others, and what kinds of gifts I could give that really would be meaningful. How we use our time really does show where we put our priorities.

As far as the water thing goes, yeah, there are things we could be doing throughout the whole year, but do we really do those things? I know I don't. Christmas is a perfect time for them to remind us of what we could be doing to help these issues because we're already programmed to think of others during this time. I usually don't think beyond the realm of those I know, though, and this made me realize I could. But I do understand where you're coming from; and maybe buying one less gift this year (which is what they were asking) won't make a big difference. But it made ME think, so I think it was successful. I know I definitely need to serve others more. Which is, perhaps, why I posted this video. Maybe it could open someone else's eyes beyond themselves and those easy to be served like it did for me. Baby steps, friends, baby steps. :)

Cali Haynie said...

You are great! and I finally had time to look at your blog! It is great!!

Hannah said...

Kristin!!! I didn't even see your comment till today! This is so delightful, am now going to obsessively blog stalk you. Isn't that comforting?

Natalie said...

i love this. this video is why i love christmas.. and why i hate it.. shopping is why i hate it, realizing the more meaningful parts of the holiday is why i love it. that's all. :]