runners, until the race is won

oh man.
the sunshine. the rain. early mornings. late nights. good music. water. sprinklers. breathing hard. same stride. seeing people doing it...running.

all these things make me want to do it, too.

i only ran a season of track, my senior year in high school. i've been hoooked on it ever since. almost exactly one year ago, after i took a jazz dance class for spring term and was running consistently, i found out i have achilles tendinitis.

the cure? don't run.

i almost cried when i found out. i still find myself with excess energy, pacing around during stressful times...just trying to find a replacement...but nothing beats that feeling [for me] of doing something requiring no aid -- no bike, no car, no longboard. these things i enjoy as well, and a few years ago i discovered a love for motorcycles (with safe drivers) and that helped...but is still unobtainable to me. and it's not running.

to parallel running, i'm a dancer at heart. i don't profess to be a "real dancer" because i have little training or technique, but it's another passion that was prematurely halted by tendinitis.

i know i have so many blessings, and i shouldn't ever even complain. i guess i want to write this so that when i can run and dance again, i'll remember to be grateful for it. i injured my foot again tonight. not a huge deal, but it put me in a bit of pain, making my goal seem miles away. just made me think of it.

my brother kevin and especially sister-in-law debbie run lots of races. races for good causes. gives a purpose to running. this saturday i'm babysitting their adorable kids while they do the freedom run in provo. i love-love-love their kids, but this time, i want to join them.



AudyCamp said...

Bummer deal! Yay fr babysitting cute kids though. :)

Jessica Nelson said...

No way! How did I NOT know this, Dance Buddy!?
oh sad! That breaks my heart! Except- I know what you're going through.. my knees are my downfall... We'll watch dancing together!

--jeff * said...

one day.

Zachary said...

I'm sorry that you can't seem to find an outlet to release frustration and pain like you could when you would run. That is a huge bummer and I know how things can kind of build up inside if they are not released. Though your goal seems miles away, it's only a few miles away. You can make it there. You'll be able to run again. I know you will.

Debbie said...

I know you're frustrated because it's out of your hands. I read "The Count of Monte Cristo" and the lesson learned was - Wait and Hope. That's where you're at now. Just wait and hope. In the meantime, discover something new you've put off for whatever reason - like watching hot air balloons take off at 6:30 am on the 4th with 4 cute kids! (Thanks again by the way.)

Zachary said...

Oh! I also like the Coldplay reference in your title. Very clever. :)

The Taylors said...

it was fun seeing you at Target! Lunch for sure in August when steph gets back!

K said...

Murphy's dad just started running - had been doing it for several weeks, first with the treadmill, then on the street - then like five miles a day - and ended up shattering his shins. So he took to the bike. I have never appreciated the "feeling" of running. But I'll tell you what's better: sitting on a running horse up in the mountains. I promise, that would give you the flying feeling you're yearning for, and would cost you your tendons. (I head Cold Play all the way through a surgery today. Thought of you guys instead of the injections - )