my long-lost pencil tests!

so. i took intro to animation with kelly loosli...3 summers ago. i was already in illustration, and took it because murphy wanted me to take it with him, and i'm so glad i did! (sidenote, murph was all worried about making it into animation, but he totally got in and he's amazing at it! currently on a mission in buenos aires, argentina. i'm so proud of my friends :D)

i'm taking gesture drawing right now, and will be taking more animation classes too.

for class, we worked on our animations. had to sketchbook a lot. watched documentaries about amazing animators. studied cartoons for research. so. great. (!)

we also learned the principles of animation (these notes are straight from my class sketchbook):
1- timing --number of frames and their spacing over time
2- squash and stretch -- deformation of an object in motion
3- staging -- presentation of information in a way that is readable by the audience
4- straight ahead -- animate starting at the first frame and going chronologically
5- key framing -- animating the extremes in motion first, then putting in the 'tweens'.
6- slo-in/slo-out -- objects must ease into and out of motion (acceleration/deceleration)
7- anticipation -- preparatory movement before action
8- arcs -- natural, elliptical pattern of motion
9- follow-through -- usually main body of action. combination of movement through it's normal cycle
10- overlapping action -- main body of motion may have other elements connected to it that have to catch up to it's motion.
11- secondary animation -- main action, is defined by secondary action
12- exaggeration -- accentuation of motion
13- appeal -- aesthetically pleasing to the audience
14- solid drawing -- ability to consistently draw the same object, maintaining the same relative shapes and masses of that object. make a 2d object accurately look 3-dimensional.

in the intro class, we did solely hand-drawn animation, pencil tests, which were way fun and way frustrating. anyway, i recently found my animations from that class!

the first assignment was the bouncing ball. to my complete surprise and happiness, kelly praised mine in the class critique. however, i'm pretty sure my classmates upped their game after that, whereas i think i probably slacked off, as i wasn't trying to get into the animation program. i still worked hard, though! i don't think the rest of the animations weren't as well-done, but here they are!

this is my final project, where we could do what we wanted as long as we incorporated some of the principles of animation. i don't remember specifics, but i was excited about this freedom. however, sadly, i got incredibly sick the last two weeks of the spring semester--when it was DUE. as i recall, i was either in bed or up, being, well...actively sick. but i did the best i could under the circumstances:

we also did a walk cycle, but i disliked mine so i didn't post it :) instead, here's my favorite. the flour sack. it was the second assignment, i think, and good to do after the bouncing ball, because it's basically like two bouncing balls on top of each other, with personality and story. it only had to be 3 seconds, and the sack had to fall somehow. 14 seconds later, with something like 175+ frames (individual drawings), i was done. i still would have liked to slow it down in some areas, but simply lacked time. it's my favorite, which is why it's last. :]

welp, there they are! stay tuned for the next post (i think it'll include two concert reviews!)


All About Austins said...

very cool! :) definitely your art! :D

Clancy and Katie Black said...

Love the flour sack. great idea

Kanani said...

The flour sack is so adorable! You really are a good artist deary.

Josh said...

Kristin I love your work sooooo much! Guess what I'm currently working on!? I'm helping my brother make a Flash anim for his business! You'd be so proud! :)

K said...

Boy do I remember these assignments. We kept saying to Murph - slow it down, brotha = it goes too quick~~

K said...

Finally got the flour sack to work - what a cool little story - I love the twisting, and pulling his own seam - brilliant.

Zachary said...

I think that these are amazing! This was your first try at animation and it looked like you had been at it for longer than that. Your talents keep adding up. How many do you have? I wish I were as talented and well-rounded in as many areas as you are. Your potential is so enormous!

Ryan and Alexis Bessey said...

What! You're an Animation student?! I totally thought you were Illustration.... I don't know if we can be friends anymore... hehehe seriously just kidding, boy i'd regret saying that. I remember doing those as well, and I liked my flour sack one the best (it did break dancing to Will Smith's "Switch") but my final project sucked big time. Your's are really ReallY cool and I'd agree with you, I like your flour sack one best. Great job!

Alexis said...

I just took a gander at your website, BEAUTIFUL photography!!! I love the little artist coming out in those photos, I especially loved the little pink stocking-ed feet during the reception, So cute!

--jeff * said...

"the flour sack is not dead! so glad the flour sack is not dead!..."

that is a really good bouncing ball, too.

i looked over at your list of sock-rocking artists and realized that i know (or know of) a handful of them.... so there you go.

ei blot til lyst. : )