in the spirit of thanksgiving

i wish you all a happy thanksgiving.

it sounds cliche; but i truly appreciate the friends (and other readers whom i don't yet know) who read this blog. it really means a lot to me when you read or comment on my posts; this is a blog where i share things that are of particular interest to me, whether it's silly, spiritual, interesting, artsy, or something close to my heart. it's nice to have people to share that with.

more importantly, though, i am grateful for the people in my life in general. people really are so important to me, and i've realized that more in the past couple of months than i have before.

i'm also grateful for skills and talents, the education that allows me to cultivate those, and the freedom to do so.

though i've experienced multiple injuries and frustrations, i am so thankful for my body and the capacity and potential of human bodies.

i am also thankful for this family reunion, from which i am typing to you. my family is crazy awesome, and it's basically a double reunion-- i'm here at my dad's brother's house in arizona with all of that side of the family, and tomorrow and the next day is a huge reunion for my mom's side of the family.

we probably won't ever be able to do this again. i'm so blessed.

robin and i experienced many miracles along the way here, and even though we ended up getting thoroughly lost by the end, we made it. eventually. and for that, i'm grateful.

overall, i'm grateful for the gospel. for the hope, courage, and strength it's given me, especially in times of recent trial.

i'm off to go family-ize...but i have a question for you: this thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?


Josh said...

You. Family. Gospel. Health. Friends. Bethany. School. Opportunities.

AudyCamp said...

YAY! We are so glad you are here!! I'm thankful for family, friends, the Gospel, things that make life comfortable...pillows, blankets..can you tell i'm ready to go to bed now..:)see you in the morning.

K said...

I am thankful for the complexity of life - how everything has it's bright and dark side, and how we are allowed the power to choose. I am grateful for light, that enlightens our minds and showers us with color. And for time, that slips away too quickly, not quickly enough - and brings children home, and allows some things to end, and others to begin. I am grateful for hope.