shabby apple dresses design contest

in the spare time i [don't] have, i like to keep myself trying new things and enjoy getting inspired from all different kinds of venues. lately, i've stumbled upon some fantastically designed blogs and websites.

i came across a contest for shabbyapple.com [they sell awesome dresses that make good inspiration for drawing, and brief longing for more money than i have]. the contest for a dress design for shabby apple dresses is due today.

last week, i had a few minutes of free time at work and drafted this little dress up in photoshop. my favorite part about it is the buttons. i really enjoy the style of the 1950's, a kind of sleek yet sophisticated look, so i tried to echo that (these ones obviously aren't as poofy as some of theirs got, though i was going to design one like that, too). i love maroon/mauve and think that those colors look good on most people's skintones. i also included the green, because it's kind of spring-y.

i'd imagine the fabric of this dress with some type of polyester/cotton blend, with more on the polyester side. i wouldn't want it to wrinkle very much. on the other hand, it would be fun to have that polyester fabric that has intentional wrinkles...those are great because it's so little hassle. yay for low-maintenance dresses. :) i like simple things with small details, so i wasn't planning on patterned fabric. just different shades of the same hue. and adorable big buttons and trim. this would be SO FUN to accessorize.

i was planning on doing more detailed entries of tons of various dresses (i've never designed clothing beyond t-shirts until this), but was engrossed in painting for the last few weeks, in idaho all weekend, and sick in bed for the last two days. just figured i'd post this just in case. huzzah.


AudyCamp said...

SO ADORABLE...you talented girl you!

Clancy and Katie Black said...

I WANT ONE!!!! So bad! Man I would pay good bucks for it...or make Clancy for my birthday present :) you are so talented, hope it wins so I can buy it

joe said...

Nice work!

On mine it was the scanner. I turned on some adjustment and I would have figured it out but I liked it so I left it.

--jeff * said...

huzzah indeed!

i'd call them "snappy apple dresses." and i'd buy one. for my sister or a friend or someone, or just to support your awesomity.

Ryan and Alexis Bessey said...

YAY for cool dresses! They are really good! And if for some bizzare reason they didn't win, you should get "I'm cool" points for the really awesome photoshop stylized skills! And while you were feeling under the weather too! Man I want to see your work when you are feeling whole and healthy, it must be amazing!

Define Heather said...

Love <3

K said...

LOVE the dress. I think maybe a rayon might work to give it drape. Cotton doesn't drape all that well. Polyester pills and I don't like the hand on it. I'm trying to think what it would have been made of in the day - probably cotton, but the color wouldn't have the translucence I think you're after. Bessey's comment about your PHotoshop skills are right on the money.

The shape would take some engineering, but it's really cute and playful. And the buttons are great. I also love the lapels and the insert. Good work, little dear. Is there no end to your vision?

Stephanie said...

Oooh I want one...that is so cute! You are very talented Kristen!

Jess said...

The dress looks awesome! My cousin is one of the creators of Shabby Apple. I'll put in a good word. ;)

kwistin said...

thank you all SO much for your comments and support! i appreciate it. there were hundreds of entries, and they narrowed it down to 15 for people to vote on. sadly, i didn't make it, but no worries. i'd kind of like to make the dress anyway. :)

(kristen: thank you for your fabric suggestions. it helped!)

there were some good designs, though, so if you'd like to vote, check them out!