little letters

dear wind: you make me feel so awesome.

dear 6-month old 27-inch imac at work: why did you crash? i treated you like GOLD but apparently you're a hater. on me. and all my data has been lost. thanks a lot, trusty computer. :(

dear choir: i miss you. oh-so-very much. especially at this time in the year. ...and especially as i'm sitting listening to the sectional happening in the room next to me. guess that doesn't help.

dear motivation: where did you go? i'm still blogging....

dear sickness: i feel you hiding there in the depths of my system. you think you can mess with me? i will freaking take. you. down. so don't you dare.

dear headache: i know you're teaming up with sickness. but i wouldn't go there if i were you.

dear jamba: thanks for double-teaming to combat headache and sickness. this is a good strategy; let's implement it more often.


dear blonde girl that just walked past with a side ponytail and a harry potter scar on your forehead: bravo.


Josh said...

I'm going tonight and I'm so twitterpated about the girl going with me I'm going to have to see the movie twice to even focus! Aaaaaggggghhhhhh!!!!!!

Danielle said...

Ugh, this just makes me so sad and sick inside! I am so sorry! I had the same thing happen in December, but you have about three times more important data on your computer. Is it salvagable at all, in any way shape or form?

By the way, I really love and admire how you manage to find the simple joys and pleasures of life - even amid hiccups, hangups and hapharzard hooplas like your dumb computer. And I love how you word things, too. You sure you aren't a writer AS WELL AS a painter, illustrator, singer, dancer, and world's bestest friend?

Well, sweet thing, I'm thinking of you. I'll have to read through your other two recent blog entries asap. But, I'm glad I had 10 free minutes to read this one! (And I'm so glad you had a Jamba. I hope it was with a seriously amazingly cool person!) [mental hugs]

PS: You may or may not have a little "fuzzy" coming your way very super soon. [shifty eyes]

All About Austins said...

LOL, I think this is a great blog post.

--jeff * said...

ok, i dig this post.

and i mean that dig the format and writing and offbeat outlook of it. i neither dig nor endorse the crud and lameness which many of these little letters are about.

so, yeah.


Brooke said...

I dug it. ;P

Barbaloot said...

Dear Kristin-

You make me laugh. I'm sorry I never got to hear your story tonight at FHE. Clearly we'll have to spend more time together.


Jess said...

Dear Kristin,

I miss choir too. hinta hinta

Jamba is just yum yum and we should enjoy the yum yum together sometime.

Some people (or computers) just die young and we can do nothing but cry. BUT! Crying is only okay if you have lots of good stuff to eat when you do it!

People dress up so we can enjoy looking at them. I love boys for that...I mean...cool costume harry potter girl.

Jess said...

I just realized...I'm in a choir...but I still miss it! I miss having it with you!