something good

to quote my facebook status from yesterday: well. i had forgotten what only 2 hours of sleep per night felt like. BUT -- it wasn't til last night that i found out again! usually my sleep deprivation level is much higher at this point in the semester...i'm proud of myself. :)

okay...random picture time! i took these "self-portraits" while waiting to help my brother with a photoshoot a couple weeks ago. i love fall.

and now, i just felt like posting.  i don't have any art or new york posts completely ready, ssssoo, i'll just open up my brain and write whatever i find.

every week/day/hour, i'm slammed with one of the following, or similar:
awesome inspiration ---> intense frustration.
potential breakthrough ---> sudden discouragement. 
wonderful tender mercies ---> confusing loneliness.
such a roller coaster. 

but the cool thing about all of this, is that i'm not alone. the more i talk to others and hear about their circumstances, the more i realize how human it is to feel those things. and, the more i realize how much we can help each other through them. i remember a couple weeks ago in church, my stake president saying something like this:

"[regarding serving and reaching out to others--] ...being busy, focusing on our problems, observing our weaknesses, listening to our fears, etc are NOT a valid excuse to try to 'fit it in'. NO! [fist to pulpit!] the way OUT of our fears and sickness and busy-ness is to get outside ourselves, hearken to the call [to help others around us] and get to work!"

...and then the next week, another gal in church said something like this:

"the only way to get out of our darkness is to go to work and serve others. when there is too much drama going on in my life, i realize there is too much of ME in my life."

what a simple solution, right?  ...but really-- it is.


Trevor said...

thanks for sharing; you're always so positive-i love it!

--jeff * said...

.....i think just going to have you to text you my comment....

Brooke said...

It's so true! I usually find the thing that is gummin' up the works in my life is looking at me and focusing on me. The minute I start looking outward at others who may need my help, it's the moment my life starts to get a little easier. It's like I was telling my mother this morning, "it's sad because it's so easy to get depressed, when in reality, we don't even have the RIGHT to be depressed! What could POSSIBLY be depressing about my life? I have so many blessings in my life and the only time the don't seem to be enough is when I am only focusing on me." You are very wise... ;)

Madeline Kaye said...

gertieKristin! Thanks for this post! I love it, its just what I needed to hear tonight. Also, I really really love the concept that you have below of the girl with the bird in her heart. So poetic. Fun times at the Art Jam! See ya later.


Madeline Kaye said...

I guess I accidentally pasted "gertie" in front of my comment. Haha, oops. :)

Josh said...

I *wish* I went to the Ingrid concert! Lucky!!!!!

Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing this. So true! We interact with some awesome people who are truly inspired. Such simple things such great things brought to pass:)