my dear readers,

warm fuzzies started out as a mix between an art blog and a personal blog. it has since become a place where art, music, and other such random have been supplied.

i love my little blog, and now apparently 64 of you love it too! ah, it warms my heart that we can all share something together. your comments make me really happy. so does the knowledge that you take the time to read/watch/listen to the things i post on here that are well, warm. or fuzzy. or fascinating or amusing (like hand snuggleez). thanks SO much for your support and interest!

however, i have been slacking on doing my art class posts, as you long-time readers know (hey there, jeff..) and i'm still falling behind. for this reason and others, i have created a separate art blog!

now, this isn't to say i won't stop posting on warm fuzzies, in fact i hope to be more regular in the future. AND i'll still post art on here for my faithful readers. AND i'll even try to publish my 4 kajillion art class posts (all which are waiting patiently as drafts...i just need to get the images for each of them).

my plan is just to post my art posts on the art blog as well as this blog (though there might be more art on the art blog in addition to what i post here). so keep reading and looking at both blogs; don't mind me. i'll just post on both and you keep being awesome.

and now, with no further adieu, here it is!!

warm fuzzies,
(you know. that one girl who writes this blog)


--jeff * said...

so i was all excited to see the link to your very first blog post, since i didn't know when you'd started writing.

then i realized that i recognized it.
and had commented on it.

but thanks for the warm fuzzy memories.
(i did like how you mentioned chocolate as a type of warm fuzzy, even though you noted that it wasn't quite fitting. i think it was a portent of things to come...)

you keep writing.
i'll do my darnedest to be awesome.

L0thar said...

Sorry, the only art I appreciate is Art Garfunkel. Let me know when you post some illustrations of a Bridge Over Troubled Water, or the Sound of Silence. I'd even settle for one of a boxer I guess.