blah blah blah...so you've said

{image via here. copyright goro fujita.}
today is this kind of a day.

but REALLY. like, it perfectly describes how i feel and i can't really explain why. or rather, i don't feel like explaining why. don't worry; it's nothing deep or angsty.

thanks, tally hall.

in the end, i'd like to say no one's better than you.


--jeff * said...

sometimes, it's just apathy.
but things get greener again and you're still the ruler of everything.

in the end.

awesome pic, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I think it's because today is rainy and you feel like life is getting mechanical/routine. Spice it up some!

L0thar said...

Sometimes I wish every day could be rainy robot day...

Josh said...

Kwistin, I just noticed that at the end of your posts it says, "Thunk and documented by..." That little tid bit alone made my day today. :) Like it, love it.