something and nothing

you know that feeling when something takes you by surprise and just sends your heart plummeting to the bottom of your stomach?

do you ever feel like running away because everything in your being looks and feels like this: fdaklfjdals;ejriwoapfjFDADFjfkd;jakfl;dJKD;K......d??!  ...  . ? 

and you can't run away because you know when you come back, it'll all still be there...so you just run in circles til you're dizzy.. to just...distract yourself?

yeah. me too. 


"...and what of the pieces that don't fit into the pocket's puzzles? 
they are some of my favorites."

she was, indeed, a proud little flower.


--jeff * said...


for feelings that cannot be described, for times and emotions and thoughts that have no definition, well said.

and rocking photography to boot.

Brooke said...

I love the photos!! They perfectly express just what you mean.