a great height

dear sunshine: you + morning = automatic good mood for me.

dear radio: thanks for playing 'dog days' first thing this morning, so i could jam out. and not just the stupid radio edit...the real deal.

dear counter girl at twilight zone: thanks for chatting with me about pocketless pants and the ridiculousness thereof. you're cool.

dear boss: thank you for liking our work on the scinet dashboard. OH, thank you.

dear odwalla: thanks for being DELICIOUS. (ps, may i request that you stop being overpriced and undersized? nonetheless, you are one tasty, tasty fiend.)

dear conference talks: thanks for rocking the world.

dear my own shoes: thanks for being attractive, so i can look down and feel awesome.

dear awkward: thank you. for making my life SO enjoyable. really.


also, a last thought: if my life were a movie, unedited and exactly as-is, it would make the. BEST. chick flick/comedy/drama EVER.

hands down.


--jeff * said...

dear warm fuzzies and hand snugglies: thank you for being a little blog of sunshine for me.

dear Gospel: thank you for giving me hope when i had not very much.

dear kristin: thank you for that one time. and that other time.

dear chocolate: we'll see you soon.

Jenny said...

Love this post! Way to recognize all the tender mercies of the day in a fun, expressive, creative way! You are a great example for all of us to follow!

Logan said...

dog days is on the radio?! quoi?! that's just ridiculous. and by "ridiculous," i mean fantasgreat.

i can't believe you're STILL venting about the pocketless wonders. i'm convinced at this point, you're doing it more out of a desire for entertainment than genuine upsetness over the matter.

and dood. you didn't tell me the awkward story of the day when we were talking on the telly (is that an abbreviation for television? i very well could sound like i am on crack....there are ... worse things....???). what the what, yo?

christine donee said...

I love when dog days comes on in the morning.. it's an instant mood lifter. instant.