though this may look contrived...it totally isn't. okay, well i had to put all those supplies on the *other* side of the counter to take the picture...but this really is what my table looked like this morning.

it's how you get through sick timessss! you wake up at 1pm, then you stock up on this goodness. luckily, i have some pretty stellar friends who brought me all sortsa goodies to help me get over that whole cough/sore throat/sneezy/runny nose/it's-all-going-to-my-ears-and-i'm-feeling-vengeful bit that's going around. i'm...almost there.

i also added sudafed to the mix later in the evening. oh-- and i totally forgot my magical tissues in the picture.

i think i've used almost three boxes.

btdubs, photoshop just lost the last half hour's worth of work i so carefully painted for a freelance project i'm doing. perhaps it is sick as well.

i think it's bedtime.


keviN said...

btdubs.... heh heh heh..
never heard/read that one before. thinking about stealing it - haven't made up my mind yet.

also, get better. :]

--jeff * said...

hooray for awesome friends who bring you things. i like those people. : )

i'm glad your fighting your battle with all you've got.

hope you feel better soon.

photoshop, i hope you get over your issues soon, too.

Maria Mercer Adams said...

That looks all kinds of nasty. I feel your pain in the sick department--I had that ick last week. I went through four rolls of toilet paper. It was kind of sad.

Hope you get to feeling betters! And I usually quit PS when it acts up (typically when I should be sleeping). I've come to think of it as God Intervening.

*I am so out of the loop, what does btdubs mean?

**ironically, my word verification is "health"