my dog ate my homework.

i wrote a lovely little blog yesterday morning about thanksgiving.

i would have posted that tonight but i had to do homework.

i would have done homework earlier today but i went to the temple.

i would have gone to the temple later today but my niece was getting baptized later.

the baptism was absolutely delightful.

i would have done homework after the baptism and family gathering, but i was stranded several cities away.

...with my family, at my sister's. so that was okay.

i would have done homework tonight but i ran out of animation paper.

i had to go to school to get it.
i called angela, because she's a good adventure buddy.
we went to school and i punched the animation paper.
 with the animation hole punch.
(not with my fist.)

i would be doing that homework now but i just got home.

i would have gone home earlier but when i went to drop angela off at her home, a few blocks from my house, we realized the hood of my car was smoking and smelled of acidic burning rubber. which was *probably* a bad sign.

it would have been fine because our friend steven, a mechanic, conveniently lives across the street.
but steven was away helping another friend with a crisis. 

we would have gone into angela's house to stay warm but we were locked out.

mariah was quite randomly driving by.
she saw us and stopped.
we got in her car to stay warm.

i would have done my homework while waiting for steven but my sister and brother-in-law accidentally set off the alarm at my house and the 911 dispatcher was drilling them with security questions, so angela, mariah and i piled into mariah's car to go help.

they got it in time
so the police didn't come to my house.
this time.
my brother-in-law and sister said they'd come look at the car.
we waited while they changed.

i would have done some homework in the interim
but my homework was still in my car.
in front of angela's.

i would have gotten home earlier 
so i could do my homework
but we just finished pushing my car home. 

i would have done at least some homework by now...at least a brush stroke or a tween, but i just finished discussing the car with steven, who randomly (out of the goodness of his very kind heart) showed up to look at the car.

and i'm very tired.
i can't even think about animation or painting. 

i would have done my homework earlier this week, every day if possible, but every day of this week has sort of been like this. no....but seriously.

i would have gotten straight A's this semester, but apparently my dog keeps eating my homework (or something like that). 

our backsides: brother-in-law, car, me, angela, mariah, quinten

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--jeff * said...

this post ranks exceptionally high on the list of "posts that are so dang awesome i wish i had written something like this."
i love the rhythm and the whimsy and the amused-because-there's-no-other-way-to-look-at-it tone of it all.

and i was about to say that i like how everything worked out, but i guess the whole point is that you didn't get to do your homework.
but i like how everything else kind of worked out.

here's to hoping that this week isn't worth blogging about. : )