note to self

i'm coming to write here because, well, this is my little corner of the world. one of them. and writing is how i deal with things.

not saying there are a lot of things i'm dealing with right now, but well, ...there are.

sometimes life is just hard. and it's supposed to be that way. it always will be hard. but, men are that they might have joy.

and sometimes, joy is harder to find. but it will come. like faith, like truth, like God -- joy comes to those who seek it.

His kindness will not depart from us. 


--jeff * said...

i kind of want to write what lines i like in here, until i realize that it's not that long and i like them all.

yes, joy is attainable. like the hokey-pokey, joy is what it's all about. but no, it's not easy. things that are just handed to us are never worth it. the best friendships, accomplishments, and happinesses come from frustrations and a dang lot of hard work.

but He won't leave us. those things we want will come.

thanks for the reminder.


Michelle O'ski said...

Thanks for this post! I needed it today.