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for a lot of reasons, i've been thinking about vulnerability a lot.
i've also been intently studying this diagram:

{via here}

and thinking about it.

and then i wrote a 17-page paper on vulnerability and TURNED. IT. IN.
you'd think that'd be pretty inclusive, right?
i still have thoughts on it, as i experience it more and more.

so i'll probably write about it on my blog.

if that's okay with you.

i'll start with this conclusion from my research:

and guess what? so many of you already were willing to be vulnerable, by responding to my last post. no, it wasn't an experiment* at all; i just genuinely wanted to know what others thought of those dichotomies that i've been pondering. and i realized that by sharing some of my vulnerability with you, and you with me, we created a deeper connection. cool, yes?

so i *really* want to thank all of you who commented, emailed, and spoke with me about my last post. that was really neat to hear everyone else open up on those subjects. and if anyone would still like to add, i'd LOVE to hear what you have to say.

{addendum:: i'm going to add "the vulnerability experiment" tag to past and future posts that have to do with trying out vulnerability. lest you think i'm lying up there.}

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