um, question. so...where did my night go?

can i just make an observation real quick? i first wrote this on january 25th and it just happened again tonight.

here it is: 11pm turns into 11:30 pm SO QUICKLY these days.

i swear...i glance at the clock and i think, "oh, 11pm. cool. i might get decent sleep tonight. i'll just take two minutes to wrap up [insert cool project/homework assignment/interweb distraction here].

next time i look at the clock, BOOM! it's 11:30. or 11:32. or ... 11:49. ugh. i swear, two minutes used to just be 120 seconds, but maybe it's like the money system between america and europe right now....i don't even know what the euro is going for these days....

did 120 seconds just turn into, like, 1800 seconds when i blinked or something?


--jeff * said...

actually, i think i might be able to explain where your time went this evening....

but yeah, i've had that experience, too. somehow, the minutes at the end of the night seem to slip by so dang quickly.

i like your currency conversion comparison, though.

(word verification: rigallo oropora. totally sounds like a hogwarts spell...)

Taylor Ashley said...

maybe your just having too much fun (: hahah time flies !


Anonymous said...

I rob banks late at night, afterwards i get ice-cream. I don't wear a watch though so I don't notice if the time goes by any faster.
I hope this is helpful.