red notebook

today, i had an epic salt lake adventure.

7 am departure, makeup in the car, four fabulous friends, awesome parking voucher, wheelchair escapades, really good seats, awesome speakers, laughing and crying, strengthening friendships, pictures with miss holga, mad dash to the car, lightening speed-sandwich making in the back of a trunk (not as shady as it sounds), running into friends, inhaling sandwiches, scoring plaza seating (!), matching nails with matching phones, beautiful music, more amazing talks, more tears (goodness...), lots of inspiration, contemplation, and peace.

clearly, i attended two sessions of conference. :)

i hope you are enjoying it, too! if you like uplifting, encouraging, strengthening and helpful perspective, then it is simply wonderful. i mean, if you're into that happiness kind of thing. ;) 

watch it here tomorrow, two different sessions at 10am and 2pm MDT!


Sariah said...

Oh gosh! I'm not sure we emphasized the "more tears" part enough... haha! I'm so grateful for you friend... so, so grateful!

--jeff * said...

the first thing i see here is sariah's comments... and now i'm reminded that i wish i could've been there. but it sounds like you two did a great job in my absence. : )

"plaza seating", "miss holga", "good happy feelings", not to mention some of my most favorite people (without any exaggeration); yeah, i definitely approve.