letters after work on a really long day.

dear car keys::
please stop staying inside of my locked car when i am outside of it.

dear technology::
for as much as i love you sometimes (cs6 installed at work, woooo!), i often hate you (cs6 hates me, boooooo).

dear camera::
PLEASE come before friday so we can play before i need to use you.

dear above sentence::
i don't always work that way in relationships. promise.

dear sunshine::
are you still outside? cuz it'd be nice to see you after wanting to punch my computer all day.

dear applications for official, urgent stuff::

dear fhe::
i hope you have some good, tasty foods waiting for me. cuz if not, well...let's just not go there. it could be dangerous.

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--jeff * said...

dear kristin's blog post for today::
i really do enjoy posts like this, even if they are out of frustration.

dear warm fuzzies and hand snuggleez::
i'm sorry i haven't officially commented here in a (too dang long) while. just so you know, i have given my thoughts on pretty much all of them, though.

dear double colons::
hey, what's up.

dear tmbg podcast that's playing in the background as i type this::
you guys sounds great, albeit a little experimental. but that's the great thing about podcasts (although that's not really what the subject of this comment is about...)

dear camera::
i'm jealous of your lens.
yes, i'm that shallow.

dear cs6::
you really should start working for kristin. she's amazing. like the best person you've ever met. trust me, you two were made for each other. you're going to do great things together.

dear after effects cs6::
since kristin's going to go after ps and ai and id right off the bat, how about you and me find a fast imac and get to know each other. hmm?

dear video of guy getting mad at computer::
dang, i haven't seen you since the late 90s. and yep, that guy's still mad at that computer.

dear urgent official applications::
knock it off.
you're not going to win.
so, cut it out.

dear kristin::