two birds

being a holiday, this morning i got to have breakfast and an nice chat with my mom in our kitchen.

at one point, i went into the other room to get something.
when i came back, my mom pointed out an interesting phenomenon she'd been observing through the glass sliding door in our backyard:

there were two little robins, both scavenging for worms.
their approach was different than what we'd seen before
(our backyard is a popular place for robins)
-- the female plucked around where she was, but stayed patiently around the same area.
the male would hop around and find a worm, eat a bite, then hope over to give the rest to the female.

this had happened twice during my brief time in the other room.
how sweet, we thought.

i wanted to see it happen, but didn't have my contacts, so all i could see were two blurry shapes hopping around.
so i hurried to the bathroom to put them in.

when i came back, the two birds were still there.
i was excited to see this occurrence, but to my slight dismay it didn't happen for a while.

my mom had told me that it was awesome, though, so we sat together and stared out the window, following the birds with our eyes.
eventually, the male was so far away from the female that we had to adjust our positions to keep both in sight. i started to wonder if it would happen again.

finally, he found something, flew over to the female, and gave it to her.

i smiled.
seeing it was better than hearing about it.
it wasn't a big deal, but it was nice.
worth making the effort to put my contact in and see clearly, and worth the waiting.


--jeff * said...

reading about it is pretty great, too. : )

thank you for something beautiful to think about today. i'm always impressed by the lessons we can learn from watching what's happening around us.


p.s. "lyst" is part of one of my (stupid...) verification words here. ; )

Jenny said...

Thanks for sharin this story and for taking the time to notice it :) Sometimes, we get so busy we just miss this cool kinda stuff. There is so much to be learned by observing nature. Way to enjoy your holiday!