why can't we be friends

dear every printer on campus::
i see we are in a cold war.
but i WILL finish my project in spite of you.
*angry eyes*

dear muffins at L&T::
you taste funky and quite frankly i prefer the rolls.
but i'm sure you have a sweet spirit.

dear mountains::
you're beautiful and you're taunting me.
why can't we just be together?

dear sleep::
fare thee well.
we'll meet again after my opening reception.

dear BFA project::
it would really speed things up if you could start painting yourself.
you know, carry your half of the load. thanks.

dear BFA research paper::
ha! i didn't even see you there!
...probably because you aren't. yet.

dear fresh air::
you're, well, a breath of fresh air.
but i suppose i'm not telling you anything you didn't know.


--jeff * said...

yeah, it's posts like this that make me love reading (and a little jealous) of w.f.&h.s.

well, one of the reasons, anyway.

Anonymous said...


-Jess Taco