a [lovely] day

yesterday wasn't nearly as productive as it needed to be.
i didn't compose like i'd planned.

so, i went to bed at 11:30pm (yes! yes i did!) and i woke up at 7:06 am this morning.
i read scriptures
and did some yoga.

then i made some goals for myself for this day,
and decided that it will be fantastic.

then i found this:

and i decided i am going to follow this advice--every bit of it--through my busy today, and i'm going to prove it to be true.


L0thar said...

People always look at me funny when I wear perfume. Can't a fellow feel pretty from time to time without being judged?!

--jeff * said...

you've inspired me to make my day lovely, too.

i'm wearing a vest and danced this morning, so i'd say i'm off to a good start.