i left without a proper goodbye

mariah is driving as i write this post. it's been a crazy trip so far, but the most meaningful state for me has been virginia. 

for lots of different reasons. 

so while we are still here, i wanted to write this. 

dear virginia,

you've always been a mystery to me.
you still kind of are, 
but i was surprised how well we got along. 
i feel like there's a reason i was born in a hospital within your borders.

i want to say i will see you again soon 
but i sort of feel like if i pen that, i won't, and i'm not sure which i'd prefer at the moment. 

so i won't pen either of them.  
i'll just nod my head at you and try not to wish i were still there (because now that i am finishing this, we are already a state or two or three away, so i am not).

thanks for the two-day adventure.
it was bittersweet, to say the least.


(the picture: my last night in arlington)

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