sometimes i leave the state to wander

smart: doing laundry before a trip.
not so smart: doing laundry that can't be dried in the dryer the day you board the airplane.

smart: blocking social media sites on your computer to prevent yourself from getting distracted.
TOO smart: picking up your phone and logging onto said social media sites to distract yourself from using your computer in productive ways.

smart: getting glasses before the trip so you don't have to wear contacts while you drive home across the country
not smart: not getting them in time for the "drive across the country" part

smart: finding an online glasses company who will ship glasses to your brother whom you will visit on the trip
not smart: losing the glasses you already own (which go over your contacts to assist you with things like, oh, driving across the country....) the DAY YOU BOARD THE PLANE

smart: transferring money from your savings to checking account in preparation to travel
not smart: forgetting your debit card at home and realizing it on the way to the airport

smart: getting to the airport early
too smart: early enough to find out that your 11:25pm flight has been delayed til 1am. 
also smart: calling back your ride and going to iceberg drive in and eating a lot of food to lull you into a food coma to sleep the plane (at least that's the hope).

...this was also smart because there was literally NO line at security. and it was actually a pretty fun experience. 

so it begins....


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