slow shutter savvy?

For a while, I've really wanted to try long exposure photography at night. I've never done it before, but I wanted to try. Light fascinates me.

After FHE last night, I decided to try it and Nicole Bagozzi was happy to be my accomplice and model. :]

It was so fun! We tried a few different things, and got some pretty cool results. These are just straight from the camera.

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore photography?

Cuz I do. This is one is my favorite:

If anyone has any feedback or tips, please comment and share the knowledge! :)


Laura said...

So...you see dead people?
They're more fashionable than I expected. I thought we'd all be in monochrome by then.

Amy said...

these pictures are awesome!

Laura said...


Matthew said...

O the joyous occasions, when even the spirits return to take part of the photonics of the fair lady Kwistin.

Us said...

Those are awesome pictures!!

--jeff * said...

rad stuff.

the guy i rode with to work this week loves taking pictures, and we'd leave 15 minutes early to stop along the way and shoot as the sun came up.
coming home today, he was telling me about a 30 minute exposure he once did. dang...

keep sharing your work. : )