a week of thanks-giving

I had to work in the morning.
I am thankful for my job and the security it provides.

I had a busy day, doing things that weren't very fun.
I am thankful for un-fun things, so that I may enjoy fun things more fully.

I played in leaves with my friend Adam at a park.
I am thankful for the simple joys in life.

I had an interview with the Bishop.
I am thankful for having a bishop who really cares about me as a person.

I was crammed and stuck in the backseat floor of a small-ish car with a blanket over me for about 15 minutes (no, it was not a hostage situation).
I am thankful that it was with Jess, to surprise Diana to take her out with her fiancee for her birthday. :)

I attended the temple at 7am.
I am thankful for the temple. And for the opportunity to go so early to start the day right.

I then cleaned my room...all day.
I am thankful for my house!

I was alone for the majority of the day.
I am thankful for Frank Sinatra, and other good music, that kept me company, and in good spirits.

My family came to town and our quiet home turned into a chaotic mass of people.
I am thankful for my family and that we are friends with each other.

I was in charge of family pictures, in a hot basement with ugly lights and 20 people, including 7 tired kiddos.
I am thankful for the ability we have to preserve memories, especially with our grandparents there.

I wasn't able to participate in the gal's traditional "pie night" because I was so sleepy.
I am thankful that we have traditions, and that I was present for this one.

thanksgiving day:
I didn't wake up as early as I'd have liked.
I am thankful I woke up to the Charlie Brown Theme Song and the sound of little children.

My sister didn't get me up to make the last pie like I'd have hoped.
I am thankful for the opportunity I had to make eggs and omelets for many of my hungry family members.

I didn't go with my sisters to get fun lil' pedicures (I'm poor).
I am thankful for the time I spent reading my scriptures and being with my brothers and mom.

I unfortunately found myself with nothing to do for a bit.
I read Tim's blog and decided to text some of my friends that I felt I needed to say hi to.

Our Thanksgiving dinner, originally set for 1 or 2 pm, wasn't actually ready until 5pm.
I am thankful for the delay. Jeff reminded me that "there's something wonderful about that": I appreciated the food more.

Our poor grandparents Curtis came on time at 2pm, and they had to wait all that time for dinner to start.
I am glad for the longer time we had with them.

We tried to watch Kung Fu Panda after but there was a lot of whining from various kids.
I am thankful for that those little kids have good parents who are teaching them so well. I am also thankful for the 'pause' button.

I had a headache for a good chunk of the day.
I am thankful that I had the chance to take it easy and rest.

My friend Austin, who is in the Marines, came to visit me.
I am thankful for transcendental friendships.

I am thankful for Thanksgiving. (not just the holiday-- the action.)


Laura said...

I'm thankful for Frank Sinatra and pause buttons too.

...oh, and the other stuff. Friendships and family and all that.

Nice list, Kristin.

Jess said...

bwhahaha! ........ehem! sorry. I just found part of that really funny.

kwistin said...

which part, the stuck in the back of a car part?

joe said...

I just love your formatting. It catches my attention so wonderfuly! I think everything should be typed like that!

Gulledges said...

Being together was very fun! And making pies together isn't such a big deal as long as you EAT them together! Thanks for dealing with the lack of good equipment and taking our pictures anyway. The reality is that even in a "picture-perfect" studio, our results would have the same;)