halloween and politix

not a likely pair, eh?

Halloween day...
i studied for test ALL day, took it, didn't do too hot.

All Hallow's EVE
my friend Jeff invited me to accompany him and some other friends to see "The Nightmare Before Christmas"...in 3-D!!! I LOVE that film. AND I loved it in 3-D (I've actually only ever seen it in 3-D). Man, warm fuzzies all around! Tim Burton is such a genius...and I LOVE the compositions and the music! I guess it's just so artsy and such a good story and I eat that stuff up. And Jeff was bouncing up and down, enthusiastically mouthing the words to the songs. So it was easy to be excited :)

The HSM3 posse came, too.

...actually, we just posed next to their cardboard cut-outs because of the lack of "Nightmare" movie posters.

When Jeff drove me home, we sang fabulous songs such as "Dead Man's Party". Oh, I'd also like you to note his snazzy vest and awesome orange shirt and my wicked orange coat...ahhh. The essence of Halloween. :]

After= Jesscabarry (to me, it's all one word, with no "i") and I frantically scrambled to get our costumes ready for our parties.

it took forever, but we were finally ready.

We were whos. You know. From Whoville. Our amazing outfits (and hairstyles) were short-lived, sadly...we didn't wear them in public for more than an hour.

But those who got to see us can testify...

they. were. awesome.

the rest of the night didn't quite go as I'd planned, but the things we did get to do were fabulous. i did find it a little ironic that later that night, i found myself "all dressed up with nowhere to go". :]

Elections were yesterday. I'm not going into details, because I'd just rather not (although I can have a pretty good discussion if you ask me in person, heehee). I wasn't for Obama, but oh well. We are the United States of America! Elections are over, let's be UNITED!

And I am SO very glad that Proposition 8 passed. I believe it wasn't a political issue; it was a moral one. And despite the controversy, the First Presidency of the Church asked for our support for it...and that's good enough for me. :)


Jess said...

haha nice! I love the one with you and Jessica!

--jeff * said...

1. it was fun seeing "nightmare" the hsm3 gang; i think corbin really enjoyed it.

2. the "who" costumes look even better than you described them. seriously dang.

3. i agree with the "let's be united" philosophy, and also with prop 8 not really needing to be a decision.

4. vests, jackets, and 3-D glasses rock.

Laura said...

hmm, I dunno - Politics ARE quite terrifying...kind of appropriate for Halloween.

Great costumes! Too bad you only had an hour to revel in their Seussian glory. At least you got the picture for proof!

Brandon Burrup said...

My hair looks like that RIGHT NOW!