what you DON'T know

jeff tagged me a while ago and i've been thinking about what i wanted to write ever since. (not like this is going to be a very profound post or anything, just very thought-provoking for me.)

6 lesser-known things about myself~

1. more often than most people i know, i long to have a one-way glass bubble shield around me. it'd look somewhat like the hamster named Rhino in Bolt, except that i would be able to see people and they wouldn't see me (or the bubble, for that matter)...and i'd probably be less furry. i love people-watching but sometimes people act differently if they know they're being watched. i really do think about this more than is probably necessary. in a non-creepy, non-stalkerish kind of way.

2. i can't roll my tongue...or whistle. i'm very untalented as far as that goes. i know that tongue-rolling is genetic, but my older sister robin can just because she was stubborn enough to learn how to, regardless. i don't think i have that drive. maybe someday.

3. i absolutely love words. one of my all-time favorite books is "30 days to a more powerful vocabulary" and we used it in my ap english class. i love journal-writing. and i enjoy editing papers.

4. i may or may not have a piece of glass stuck in the bottom of my foot. a very long time ago, i was walking with my friend marie dayton in the provo river in lion's park. i stepped on glass and got out of the water, leaving bloody footprints, and her mom had to perform a little operation right then and there to get it out. to this day it still hurts at times, and there is definitely still a bump. we may never know if there's still something there....

5. i have a fascination with little things. anything that is smaller than it should be or smaller than it's usually thought of. for example, i love little boxes. i also love little notes. little photos. little baskets. little books. little vials. little...whatever. so long as it's little.

6. something that really excites me is when i have a musical connection with people. it's quite possible this is not as cheesy as it sounds, but i recently realized that most of my closest friends are those who share the same love of music as i do. this can be due to similar tastes in music, or a love of sharing new kinds of music with each other, or playing instruments or singing together, or sharing similar experiences (such as choir) together. however, musicality is not a requirement for friendship.

well...there you go.

i tag jess, laura (both of 'em), thomas, jefe mabey, and kaylie.


--jeff * said...

i've already told you what i think.
in short, it's :D

Laura said...

haha - Then you'll LOVE Coraline! It's so ridiculous. Did you watcht eh trailer-things I sent you? sweaterxxs? holy cow.

It's okay. Whistling's overrated. I've never been able to either.

I do the musical thing too! not necessarily types of music, but music in general. Because, really. If they don't like music...are they even human?

Matthew said...

I knew 5 out of those 6 things about you. Unfortunately for me 83% isn't good enough. On the I know Kwistin test, I want a 100%.

Kaylie said...

I love little things too! Did you like to play with doll houses when you were little? I loved it! I liked making little things too.

As for your foot, that sounds painful. I would be tempted to dig at that bump. You probably still have some glass in there and it's trying to work its way out. How long has it been there?

Well, Kristen, I think you are a delight!

Brandon Burrup said...

The word I had to enter for verification was nesismor (kind of like "less is more" except referring specifically to the Loch Ness Monster, thus making more concise the phrase: "Nessie is more" as in more than less).

Amy said...

I too love little things. Maybe it's because I'm short. And I miss our random concerts in the quad, or behind Arbys with weird people watching us. :)

CyV said...

Kristin...I just read your 6 thoughts! Remember, I am your LITTLE big sister, so it must mean you love me too!!!! You are AWESOME! Keep singing, even if no one is around. Love you tons!