The Night Before...

I spent at my brother and sister-in-law's (Kevin and Debbie) fabulous home in Lehi for their traditional Christmas Eve Buffet. There, we ate, laughed, played, I got attacked by my nephew...a few times...and we tracked Santa. About every ten minutes, we'd get a reminder from one of the little'uns that we needed to check on where he was at that moment. This, perhaps, was the highlight of my night. There's something wonderfully magical about being around tons of kids (or, in this case, 5 kids and 6 kid-like adults) on Christmas eve, faithfully and innocently anticipating the arrival of the wondrous Santa.

Yet, inside, as each family reads from the Bible on Christmas eve, we never forget to keep the real meaning of CHRISTmas in our hearts.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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Matthew said...

I love tracking Santa with little kids, sadly there was no kids around so it was just me this Christmas tracking Santa. Still fun though.