Angels I Almost Heard On High

I've had a suddenly stressful last two days. But tender mercies are always plentiful, if you look for them. After figure drawing, I was kind of overwhelmed and as I went to exit the H-Fac, I saw a whole bunch of little kids, probably from some elementary school, singing on the main floor! Though I'm super stressed, I decided to stop and soak in some music. It did my heart some good to hear those children singing. That was 34 minutes ago. I have been to the bookstore to cut my illustration board, grabbed what is probably the only food I'll have time to eat today, and am in the h-fac again, and just heard echoed voices singing "Angels We Have Heard On High" from somewhere in the bowels of the H-fac above. I couldn't see who was singing, but I took a video because I had a camera on hand and liked the ethereal harmonic sounds, disembodied by a choir as far as I could tell. (If you're curious, check back later for the video...I'm too busy to upload it now....)

Then the choir tromped down the stairs. The otherworldly feeling was gone, but as they continued their rehearsal close to where I am sitting, I enjoyed the music nonetheless.

Amist all my finals, I'm glad I get subtle reminders that it's also Christmastime.


Laura said...

I know what you mean.
Hurrah for the Christmas Spirit! And Christmas music!
Speaking of which - I'm psyched for tomorrow. Thanks for the invite. I'm bringing a friend, is that still okay?

Jefe said...

So....i saw a whole bunch of kids coming down the stairs in the HFAC that day, while i was waiting for my class at 5 to start.

The Taylors said...

I wish we could still stay up til the wee hours of the night finishing our most procrastinated art projects. haha