gonna be a good life

"i think we should make today a good day. : )"
-jeff, march 21, 8:37am

well, i'm home from new york and it's been really rough getting back into things. i vented to jeff sunday night and felt a bit better.

but after i got that text the next morning, i was reminded of the obvious: my attitude is my choice. and you know what? it's been a fantastic 2.25 days.

this morning, i drove to school (late) and it was super sunny and happy...and there were 4 songs in a row that i just completely danced to on the radio.

this was one of 'em.

ps, on top of that, it's my birthday week. i therefore give permission for everyone to be happy for no reason (and if you need a reason, it's my birthday week! go out and get yourself a gift or somethin.) i even got a text from my birthday week letting me know it would promise to be awesome. again, i extend this to everyone's week....but it's your choice. ;)

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Zachary said...

Wow! Your birthday week is the best! I hope that this week lives up to everything that it promised.

Love that song.

Everyday is a good day, if you look at it the right way.

Happy birthday week!