me[h] + tidbits

i'm a blog slacker; i know. since last time, i have scheduled out my life until the end of finals, and haven't had a chance to think past that point.

i turned 23 on saturday.

that day....i:
got a hair cut.
worked on a chair all day.
had a party.
saw many good friends.
warm and fuzzy surprises. 
received one of the best homages ever, blog style.
and got sick.

more on that later. maybe.

last night, i finally stayed up late (1:30am) doing homework! this was actually [surprisingly] a relief to stay up doing homework. i've averaged ~5 hours of sleep per night lately, which, if you know me, is actually really pretty decent, but i've been so physically and emotionally exhausted this semester it's been really difficult. i've been staying up doing "fun" or distracting or urgent but not important things; it was nice to stay up doing something that was, in a way, stress-relieving. i can justify doing homework.

i was also frustrated with some things. i decided to take 5 minutes to draw for fun. i forget how much i need that.

i like how this one turned out. i'll probably ink and/or color it in the future. may the rest of your day be productive, health and non-frustrative.


--jeff * said...

this weekend i got possibly the best hug i've ever had in my entire life.

i'm glad your weekend was good, too.

and i really like your haircut.

sorry to hear about the sickness thing, though. but i'm glad you're getting more sleep.

and glad that you took a little time to draw for the fun of it.

thanks for the wishes for the rest of the day: i could use all three of those. : )

Michael Mercer said...

Happy birthday!