but, alas.

dear photoshop: my final 9 paintings are due in 46 minutes. so far, you have crashed 4 times today, and 2 of those were in the past 28 minutes.

dear wacom tablet: you have badly malfunctioned 3 times, causing my curser to malfunction and computer to freak out, forcing me to restart my computer, well, thrice and tempting me to, well, curse.

together, you have driven me to the point of creating a facebook status just to rant about you. second one in 1.5 hours.

things are getting serious.

please work. please. or i will have to take drastic measures. i'm strongly tempted to chuck both of you,  computer and wacom, against the wall. and then i won't have to count how many times you crash.

just think about that. 

sincerely, kristin



...it just did it again. photoshop. crashed. i am going to just sink into quiet submission, watch my computer be possessed, the clock tick and my grade drop.

and please don't worry. i'm fine. i don't often advertise my frustration, but it's to the point where it's kind of comedic, so i thought i'd share. i'm actually quite calm. i'll be just fine. 

i'd really like to get sleep, as i stayed at school from 9 last night until 5 this morning working on this project...but, alas.


--jeff * said...

i wonder what sort of frustrations michaelangelo or picasso had against their paints and brushes?

i liked the idea of your hucking the lappy and wacom against the wall, showing them what a real crash is....

i'm glad you're really ok.
and i appreciate that perspective, because i may need to borrow some of that sensibility in a week when i'm trying to render out all of my animations at 3:00 a.m.....


Jacob said...

A haiku for Kristin:

Paints, brushes, wacom
they drive me beyond madness
Hmm... it is nice here.

Just remember that on the other side of the mountains of insanity lie warm and happy valleys. :) You'll make it!