currently delusional

it's weird. this year i haven't sacrificed my health as much for my art like normal...and turns out i've been a tad more functional human being. who knew, right?

but. my non-sacrifices (plus the NY trip in the middle and, oh yeah, LIFE) have all added up and now it's down to the grind. i had to sketch, ink, and digitally paint 3 characters, 3 environments, 2 props and 1 story moment (scene) in 1 (ONE) night. wooot.

soooo with one of my favorite friends/co-worker/fellow illustrator, hannah, i pulled a near all-nighter at work tuesday night. after i got 3 hours of sleep the night before.

see, both hannah and i were out of practice for pulling all-nighters. hannah actually gets her stuff done on time (even early...the crazy) and i, well........don't. either way we knew it'd be a long night. so, we --



and looked like this.

sorry if this post doesn't make sense. umm...refer to it if you're wondering why.

sufficeth to say...i had mustard pretzel gardetto's and gatorade for breakfast this morning at work. with 5-hour energy in my bag. just in case.


Taylor and Mackenzie Nelson said...

This post cracked me up. Good job on your work by the way! I haven't seen any of your art in a LONG time. You should post a bunch of it!

--jeff * said...

you work harder than me.

and you're better at it, too.

i can concur about the hot cheetos, though. a girl here introduced me to them. they're quite tasty at first, but will soon leave you feeling really cruddy.

all of my stuff's due on april 29th. see you at the finish line. we'll celebrate in "our usual fashion." ; )

Barbaloot said...

I never pulled an all-nighter. But now I kind of wish I had if it meant gratuitous amounts of gardettos and other snacks. Clearly my time in college was a waste.

Aym said...

Why didn't we ever pull all-nighters together? Mine are usually boring and lacking in snacks. You're my new inspiration!

Hannah Hillam said...

What's going on with my neck!

joe said...

Oh goodness these are awesome! So awesome!

My drawing projects are for me. I don't create very well without a story, so, I've started picking stories I like and arting them up!