wind & a cloud

"walking through wind makes you feel 
so much more epic than walking through normal air." 

that was my facebook status a long while ago and i still stand by it 100%, thank you very much.

i thought about it today when i was walking to my car after school. then my metaphorical mind started to wander, as it tends to do....

the sky was washed flat with gray from the top down, it seemed. dark to lighter. 
it came down to some muddy white soft clouds
which came opened up into a horizontal blue patch 
of sky

[just found out: quick photoshop doodles help capture memories]
which made room for more clouds
fluffy white ones 
with lots of depth
and lots of substance. 

then those faded out again into gray
which was flat and translucent. 

as i walked down a hill, i watched it slowly change. 
couldn't take my eyes away. 
it wasn't the most amazing display ever, but was still so beautiful. something about it....
i stopped, just to stare. 
texted a dear friend whom i miss. 
thought more.

kept going,
walked through the wind.
the air was warm, and the wind was a tad chilly 
but i wasn't cold. 
[...not how they looked, but how they felt.]
the wind was powerful.

it was kind of beautiful: 
that feeling of walking through resistance with my head held high
[because i was focused on something beautiful above me]
while everything was blowing around me
but walking with a purpose
in a straight line
toward a specific destination.

that big green minivan suddenly represented something much more wonderful
than a big green minivan. 

[although, 'more wonderful' is kind of hard to come by...when you have a big green minivan.]


--jeff * said...

don't remember seeing that quote on facebook, but definitely dig it.

i also like metaphorical mind meanderings.
and gray clouds.
and finding beauty in those days.

and walking with a purpose against the wind.

i'm also kind of fond of big green minivans.
and text formatting.

...and chocolate.

(this post kind of reminded me of a song, but i think you maybe knew that already....)

ei blot til lyst

M.R. Weaver said...

Hey, just so you know, I miss your face too. ;3; <3

Logan said...

i'm so happy you've gotten me thinking about wind more and more. it's something so powerful, yet so subliminal at times as well. it can be fun, freakishly scary, yet soothing and calming at the same time. it can be so representative, yet it can also be so... uhh... face-value-esque?

interesting stuff.

oh. and great formatting. well done. one, i'll be an eighth as creative as you.

Logan said...

ha. *one day