all i need

just checking in...i'm still alive. halfway through finals. probable all-nighters still to come.

and remember this post? well, it sort of happened again tonight.

i've been injured over and over and not been able to run well lately. until tonight. when my sanity demanded it more than my physical health.

angst with those that angst.
and, when you can, go for a really good run.


--jeff * said...


and, yeah.

i know.

and i know you know i know.

which is also dang.


well, amongst other things, chocolate.



memos aren't always right.

and that's ok, too.



in the end, i'd like to say....

Taylor and Mackenzie Nelson said...

That is an awesome picture. Makes me want to go running RIGHT NOW.

Danielle said...

I'm so happy you got a chance to go running, Kwisty! I know how much you love and enjoy it, and how much you've missed doing it regularly.

I related to that part about needing to do it for "sanity" despite "physical health"... This is why I dared to venture back into the Ballet studio recently. I knew it would be hard, and I knew it would be a risk due to physical health issues. But, I just so needed it for my own soul and sanity. And though, I had to take a lot of breaks and wasn't very good, etc.... It did my heart and mind a lot of good. Sometimes you just got to "move your body".

Anyway, reading this gave me a banana-wide grin; I love that you had the chance to do something you love and miss you so much, and brings you such joy and satisfaction. YAY!!!!!!!! Good for you. And tell that tendinitis that its no match for your will and passion! :)

Anonymous said...

clarification: i smiled big because you got to do something you love (and have missed) so much. aka: running. but, i wish it wouldn't have been because of the angsty, stressful stuffs, though. i have a feeling some serious awesome is coming your way - soon. okay. that's all.