among other things, i have been taking lots of pictures recently. so i figured i'd post some from a totally  unintentional photoshoot after lunch a couple weeks ago. these particular ones go along with a theme...can anyone guess it?

hint: think hannah. hannah hillam.
now think...hipster.

at least educate yourself with chapter one.
and then skip forward in chapter two to the photography part at the bottom.
and now compare that helpful guide with these:

notice any similarities? almost embarrassingly so? ...that's all i really wanted to say. so right here, i'mma just break up the pictures with text. it looks better that way. and, because i am in an apathetic mood at work, i will fill this space with words and such.

okay. that looks better. way better. because the last one is my favorite. 

confession: i'm part hipster.


--jeff * said...

i think this post needs one of thos swedish-sounding labels you sometimes put on your posts.

at least, that's how i see it.
but that's just me.


Kanani said...

I love how you are sitting in a shopping cart so innocently!