wait, go.

i feel like i haven't posted in forever. but you should be oh-so-very excited about what's coming next. 

...k. it's nothing earth-shattering. just a bunch of photographs.

photographs made up of pure awesomeness.

meanwhile, have you recently checked my art blog? you should. stuff will be happening there soon, too. 

oh, and in case you're wondering (and i'm sure you are) -- i've been listening to both this and this all day. what the random combo?!


--jeff * said...

wait... wha?? i remember leaving a comment here three days ago because i remember having comments about your post.... hmmm.

like the photos. love that you have a most excellent photography *friend to continue your artistic pursuits now that i'm 1,300 miles away.

and i'm kinda curious about your title.
i'll ask you the next time i see you.

christine donee said...

yay for photographs..