i'm the number two

sixteen things i currently love (in no particular order) :

1. well-coordinated outfits (which sometimes match my surroundings)
2. writing
3. the temple
4. my new planner
5. having short hair
7. pinterest
8. conference talks and devotionals
9. swimming  (if you know me well, you say: "??!!")
10. catching up with old friends
11. physically strenuous exercise involving activities to which my body is not accustomed
12. wide open spaces (actual physical space. not the song)
13. learning.
14. listening to songs in languages i do not know. in fact, sometimes it's the only thing that makes sense to me.
15. the idea of travel....
16. driving - dusk - windows down. by myself. listening to music, or my own voice, or the silence. each tell me different things, you know.

this is not to say that i love all these things only now or starting now or ending later or starting sooner or that i will love them all forever. but i may. this is just a current analysis of my current cathartic/joyful/slightly amusing pleasures from the past few weeks. i'm sure you were wondering. you're welcome.

what's on your list?


Jenny said...

Some for today for me:
1. Sundays
2. Time with Floyd and Simon
3. The chance to prune my rose bushes even it was 11pm, the weather was nice and cool
4. Spending time with good friends
5. Clouds
6. Talks by Elder Holland
7. Inspiration- feeling, recognizing, and acting on it
8. Ice cream and brownies
9. Singing How Great Thou Art with Floyd
10. Playing Peek A Boo with Floyd as he was hiding under his blanket tonight
11. Pondering
12. Being blessed by all of the amazing people in my life
13. That my Bishop's favorite words are delight and glorious, and his testimony today of the divine nature of women
14. The testimony that I am a child of God, reflecting on the time when this truth started my conversion, and the perspective that gives for myself and the way I see others and their potential (as I was reminded of today in Barbara's lesson)

Jenny said...

p.s. and the pruning of the rose bushes was technically on Sat, but you know, I saw the results this morning :)

--jeff * said...

much love.

especially like 7-9.

i don't have time to make a list right now, but i will ponder my own list.

if you need a friend
you know what to do...


Kerry Jane said...

At this very moment, a cracker that keeps Joe happy so I don't lose my mind. I'm also enjoying the ocean and how sweet living in Ireland is, among other things. I love your list and it made me think of the things I love, thank you!

Clancy and Katie Black said...

Hope you're doing good!!! Love the list and right now I'm loving
1. Magnolia-the girl not the flower
2. Rice Krispy Treats
3. Clancy having a summer break
4. Smell of my sunscreen

The Tiny Team said...