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{written july 2; as always, the photos and videos took longer}

remember the rooftop concert i told you about a couple months back? well last night's was fantastic as well.  they played the entirety of the beatles' abbey road album and it was just...freaking fantastic. the performers consisted of various local musicians that came together for this fantastic tribute. you can read more about the event and who performed here.

we had a good group show up as well! i had actually forgotten about it til the day of, but was super happy when i was able to attend.

i don't know these people; i just liked the compositions. :)

to be honest, the concert was more mellow than i'd have liked; everyone was sitting down and not standing, so it was less energy than i'd been expecting. but the quality was still phenomenal.

and i wished i had my awesome dslr camera there, but all i had was the point-n-shoot. but -- trevor christensen took amazing photos! we went to high school together and he's a great photographer, as well as super involved in these concerts.

i took a few videos; here's one with everyone singing, just to get an idea of the energy that arose in some of the songs: (but if you only watch one video in this post, PLEASE scroll down and watch the one at the end of this post!) 

the end was my favorite; they encored. however, i didn't take any photos or videos then because i ran up to the front and started dancing with everyone else :) we were right in front of the stage! it would have made for sweeeeet photos, but i was enjoying myself to worry too much about that. and that's how i like it, i think.

luckily trevor got some good ones; check it -- we were in a few of them!

you can spot mal because of her hot blonde pixie hair
see? second-ish row!
finale: epic fireworks not even affiliated with the show!
AND i just found this video! again, this one is my favorite; it totally captures the night and brings it back for me. oh, and my little group of friends is in it :) but you probably can't find us unless you know exactly where to look. nevertheless, seeing ourselves rock out is proof for me to remember how fun that night was.

[to watch the first half of the full highlight video, click here and for the second half, click here! they go through, like, ALL the songs. pretty rad]

as always, if you weren't, i wish you could have been there. if anyone has more pictures or reviews from this one, put it in a comment; i'd love to see!

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Barbaloot said...

Loved that show---and I'm glad I got to sit by you for it!