a photo for your monday


i tend to write posts with layers of meaning, but not this time.

i just wanted to show you this neat baby mutant carrot i found earlier today in my tiny carrot bag.

it was the last one.

oh, and i guess i wanted to say that it's hard holding and focusing a camera with one hand, taking a picture of the other hand. but it can be done.

and...when times get bad, it's a nice thought: "well, at least i'm not a mutant carrot."

...that's all.

enjoy your monday!


--jeff * said...

really quite like this post.

sometimes, a post is just a post.

and that sort of simplicity can be refreshing.

Laura said...

Carrot wishbone!!!!

Did you WIN!?

Stevie Leigh said...

Ha! That made me laugh. Awesome.

Tyson Murphy said...