fake plastic trees

i was originally going to post this may 16.  instead, i felt like posting them today.  just, you know.  random holga photos. pretty, eh?  though the plants are dry, and they need to drink.

i'm starting to love that camera for more than one reason.


ktln said...

...for her fake Chinese rubber plant.

Good song.


--jeff * said...


i think i have a crush on miss holga.


it would be easy to look at those flowers and wonder what use they are as a heap on the floor, but you made them into beautiful photography. a most excellent example of the japanese concept of "sabi", of seeing beauty in the impermanence or imperfection of things. i sometimes think of it to include beauty in the sadness of things.

i looked through my iphoto libraries. i've got some pictures from may 17th and 18th that are kind of plox, in a sabi way.

keep spending time with miss holga. i do miss venturing out and photographing with you both, but i guess you're doing fine.