time on your side

"when we don't waste time, we always have enough."

someone famous said that and i wrote in my quote journal when i was maybe 15. i've always remembered it, but have never been able to successfully implement the concept.

time management is something that has always been a weakness. while making breakfast, i listened to this talk today. it was good that i woke up at 5:30 and carefully planned my day before listening; i was already pumped up to be productive.
favorite parts (but read the whole thing; i feel like these are spoilers):
As we follow the command to “cease to be idle” (D&C 88:124), we must be sure that being busy also equates to being productive.
[Regarding social media] As good as these things are, we cannot allow them to push to one side those things of greatest importance. How sad it would be if the phone and computer, with all their sophistication, drowned out the simplicity of sincere prayer to a loving Father in Heaven. Let us be as quick to kneel as we are to text.
[Regarding internet distractions] I urge each of us to take those things which rob us of precious time and determine to be their master, rather than allowing them through their addictive nature to be the master of us.
Time marches swiftly forward to the tick of the clock. Today would be a good day, while the clock of mortality ticks, to review what we are doing to prepare to meet God.
next week is finals week, and my finals are on monday and tuesday. i've had a lot of setbacks these last few weeks, but i am hereby dedicating myself to use my time doing things of most importance. it's important to remember that this isn't limited only to school, but that's part of it. i am determined to be the master of my time.

so i just signed out of gmail and changed my facebook password to make it ridiculously long so i'll think twice before logging in. my phone's on silent and i'll check it when my timer goes off. yeeeeeaah. it's go time.

what do you do to manage your distractions?


Reader Riah said...

good job, girl. you go slap non-productivity in the face (unviolently, of course). PAINT YOUR FACE OFF! I'm proud of you. don't read this message cause you're too busy doing important things. I'll be up to check on you later - after I be a little productive!

--jeff * said...

i've started working in a secret back room at school so that i'm not around people to get distracted.
i'm still working at wrangling the urge to get online every 15 minutes though.

this talk/post is something i've been thinking a lot about recently. at the end of each semester, i think about how i could have done better.

case in point, back to animating....

Eric Petersen said...

Ha, being productive. Oh so hard. It is so easy to get what I planned for the morning done but once its like passed 2pm, it's really hard for me to stick to my plans and I start to try and be spontaneous. I am not much of an idler, but really, I like just doing things when I feel like it and schedules I feel limit me.

I've noticed the best things for me is to plan out my morning, go to class, work, and then create a list of what else needs to be done and just do them when I feel like it. . . it's fairly productive for me.

Just don't expect me to do anything boring after 2pm :P